Products to hydrate and reduce bags delicate area around the eyes

Eye contour

Products to hydrate and reduce bags delicate area around the eyes. Made with aloe vera, calendula, seaweed, cucumber, etc..

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Eye Contour Gel

Regenerator, seaweed extract, Aloe Vera and Collagen. Due to its high content of organic iodine from seaweed origin, and the potent regenerative factor of starfish thermal salts, aloe vera and collagen, helps fight wrinkles and bags around the eyes. Airless 30 ml

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Eye Contour Cream

This preparation contains vitamins, aloe vera, rosehip and calendula. Helps prevent and diminish wrinkles and bags form around the eye contour, also suitable for the lip contour.

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eye and lip Gel contour

Suitable for oily and sensitive skins. Content seaweed extract, Aloe Vera, Calendula and soybeans as well as a vitamin, revitalizes, erases signs of fatigue, clears and markedly decreases wrinkles and dark circles

Precio 12,50 €

Airless Eye Gel 30 ml (Starfish + Thermal)

Specially designed for the most delicate area around the eyes, helps fight wrinkles and bags, thanks to the rich assets in seaweed, starfish extract, salts and collagen. 30 ml.

Precio 25,00 €