Day cream with aloe vera

Day Cream

Face creams suitable for daytime use. Made with aloe vera, calendula, snail extract, argan oil, rose hip, gotu kola, etc..

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Aloe Vera & Marigold Facial Moisturizer

Suitable for daily treatment of the face and neck. Its basic components include Aloe Vera which acts as a cell regenerator and dermoprotector, and Calendula soothing and moisturizing effect. SPF 15. 100 ml.

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Aloe Vera + Tea Tree Cream

Cream made with tea tree oil + Aloe Vera. It is recommended for oily and acne impurities. 120 ml.

Precio 8,60 €

Marigold + aloe moisturizer

Aloe & marigold cream. Recommended for irritated skin for its anti-inflammatory and soothing power. Improved sunburn and moisturizes the skin. 120 ml.

Precio 8,60 €

Aloe vera + Rosehip + cucumber Moisturizer

Aloe vera + cucumber + Rosehip cream, its vitamin E and natural oils and emollients provides cleansing properties. Cucumber revitalizes, soothes and refreshes all skin types. Thanks to Rosehip with its regenerative power is ideal for all skin types. 120 ml.

Precio 8,60 €

Super moisturizing cream for young skin

Young Skin Moisturizer (Starfish + Thermal Water), rich in minerals and trace elements, the starfish extract, aloe vera and cucumber, provide maximum hydration to the skin, especially those hypersensitive and prone to acne . SPF 15. 50 ml.

Precio 25,90 €

Aurum Regenerative Cream (50 ml glass jar)

Regenerative Cream, Restorative with gold and rose hips. Contains gold and other precious metals like silver, platinum and palladium in the form of trace elements combined with the active ingredients of rosehip, giving skin luminosity and silk effect. 50 ml.

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